Decision-making: Stop being such a FOMO

We’ve all been there, whether it be in work or our personal lives. Faced by a plethora of choices, we reach paralysis by analysis. Given more choice, we are actually less likely to choose something, and less happy about it when we do. We over-think decisions because of FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] – a phenomenon particularly acute amongst the Millenial generation.

The temporary paralysis that we all have experienced when trying to pick from a list of starters that are equally appealing is usually cured by making a choice. As with dining, so with any other decision - fretting over what is the optimal choice is both a waste of time and a trivial diversion. Making the right choice is less important than the insight and wisdom gained from the experience. This is true even if we do sometimes get a bad meal! Waiting until all our ducks are in a row or until we can make the ‘perfect decision’ can further inflame our FOMO, because we know that failing to make a decision in the first place just increases our chances of missing out on an opportunity.

Of course, some decisions are bigger than others and therefore require more time and thought. However, there is never a perfect decision, only one that is logical at the time you need to make it. You have a limited amount of information at your disposal each time you have to make a choice and it is never wise, or worthwhile, to second-guess a decision after the fact. That’s why it’s important to shift from the idea of ‘winning or losing’ as a result of that decision, to ‘winning and learning’.

Stop being scared of making the wrong decision, just make a decision! To keep moving forward is progression. As Thomas Edison put it: “I have not failed; I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”